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Hoffer’s Cigar Bar

Due to zoning and employee-health laws, it’s gotten hard to have a cigar and a beer anywhere besides your home.  This is the exact market that Phil Hoffman decided to go after.

Located east of San Diego in La Mesa, Hoffer’s Cigar Bar blends a large variety of craft beers with a pair of walk-in humidors stuffed from floor to ceiling.  While you can’t smoke in the bar, you can outside.

The back half of the store is all patio- it’s long and narrow with comfortable furniture and heating/cooling systems for when the weather is less than perfect (not often), and is usually occupied by at least a handful of regulars.  Ranging from navy officers to businessmen, it’s tough to not be in a good mood when surrounded by great weather, great beer and great cigars!

Hoffer’s Cigar Bar is located at 8282 La Mesa Blvd.  La Mesa, CA 91942  Or you can visit them online at www.hofferscigar.com.

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Huckleberry’s – Rolling Hills, CA

While the owner shapes the character of the lounge, the shop itself is shaped by the community.  Hidden in the hills of the Palos Verdes peninsula, Huckleberry’s straddles the line between luxury gift shop and cigar lounge.

As you walk in the store, you’re struck by the beautiful humidors, accessories, knives, watches, lighters and men’s toys that fill the room.  It may sound cluttered, but everything is neatly in its’ place, and there’s plenty of room to move around.

The humidor boasts a good selection of premium and boutique cigars at reasonable prices, and the hidden lounge at the back of the store is perfect.  Cozy and dark with a large tv and low leather chairs, it’s the sort of place that begs for you to spend the rest of the day there.

Huckleberry’s is located at 627 Silver Spur Rd., #100A in Rolling Hills, CA.  www.huckleberryspen.com

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Cigar Oasis, Aliso Viejo, CA – An Oasis in Suburbia

Orange County has the national reputation of being home to beautiful beaches full of glassy-eyed starlets and Disney Land.  In fact, most of the OC is much less
exciting, full of dreary strip malls and cookie-cutter McMansions.  In Aliso Viejo- the heart of the “Orange Curtain”, there is a place that family men go to escape for a short time.

Cigar Oasis is not a new shop, but it is under new management.  Wayne took over a short
while ago, and set about restoring the shop to its’ potential.  The cash register has been moved and counter
shrunk, giving you more space to move about the front lounge.  The humidor is packed with name-brands, and
the whole place is clean and tastefully decorated.

The rear lounge is what Oasis was always known for, but it has been completely redone.  The worn
furniture and giant (dim) projector are gone, replaced with several small seating areas and well placed flat-screen TV’s.

A good lounge made great, Cigar Oasis is a welcome retreat from the Big Box stores and hustle of the OC lifestyle.

Cigar Oasis is located at 26841 Aliso Creek Rd., #B, Aliso Viejo, CA.

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OC Cigars – Laguna Nigel, CA – A Smoker’s Shop

Many of the places we drive by that advertise “Cigars” are little more than convenience stores that happen to sell tobacco.  At first glance, that’s what OC Cigars looks
like, but it’s so much more.

Gerard recently re-arranged his small shop in Laguna Niguel, and what a difference chair placement can make.
You walk in to a small seating area, with plenty of great accessories in unobtrusive cases.  The wall is full of
hookah and accessories, but the large humidor beacons.

Occupying a full half (half!) of the available floor, the humidor contains a massive selection of extremely premium and hard-to-find
cigars.  Gerard is all too happy to direct you and make recommendations, and the clientele are friendly and, for
the most part, transitory.  If you choose to sit in one of the comfortable chairs and watch some tv, it’s as if you own
the shop.

A great spot for great cigars, OC Cigars is one of those places you should aim for when you just want to relax.

OC Cigars is located at 27311 La Paz Rd., #H, Laguna Niguel, CA.

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Cigar Zone – Thousand Oaks, CA

Sometimes you meet someone so knowledgeable about the local cigar scene- so on-the-ball, that you actually sit back and say “This guy knows what he’s doing.”  Ted at Cigar Zone is one of these guys.

Set in a sleepy shopping center, Cigar Zone is the small, intimate shop that we all dream of owning one day.  A steady flow of regulars insures that there will always be someone to chat with, and the wood-paneled walls give the place a warmth that’s lacking in many larger lounges.

Extremely active in the social networking communities, Ted certainly knows cigars- and his humidor shows it.  Stuffed to the gills with everything you could want at extremely fair prices, he’s all too happy to compare notes on any cigar you can think of, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the cigar business in SoCal.

If you want a relaxed, neighborhood experience, Cigar Zone is the place to settle in.

Cigar Zone is located at 3900 E. Thousand oaks Blvd. #202, Thousand Oaks, CA.  www.thecigarzone.com


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NK Cigar Lounge – Westlake Village, CA

Thousand Oaks has a very different strip-mall layout than most of Southern California.  Driving down the main street you’d be hard pressed to find a grocery store, flower shop or any other small business- they’re artfully hidden behind layers of trees, and designed in such a way as to make a large space seem small and intimate.  It’s in one of these camouflaged strip malls that NK Cigar Lounge is nestled.

A large shop, NK makes great use of its long, L-shaped layout by having several intimate, distinct seating areas, a giant TV in the far corner, and a pool table right in the center of the lounge.  Around the outside there is plenty of outdoor seating, and a parade of shoppers to watch.

The humidor is well-stocked, and boasts a house-blend made by the same guys who produce the Grand Habano line.  A full Nicaraguan cigar, we found it pleasantly medium-bodied with a full, peppery taste.

As the ace up its sleeve, the owner Kumar shows off his knowledge of fine wine, beer and booze with a wall of liquor, as well as the requisite beer and wine license.  Escape from the heat, grab a drink, and settle in to this treasure.

NK Cigar Lounge is located at 2803 Agoura Road, Westlake Village, CA.  www.nkcigarlounge.com

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