Joe R’s Churchill Cigars – A Long Beach Tradition

I admit Joe R’s Churchill’s Cigars holds is a special place for me. It is where I discovered the true joy of smoking cigars. I met Jerry Loeb, the manager at Joe R’s several years before at a Long Beach Chamber of Commerce function. He invited me to come down and check out the shop. When I arrived, he suggested that it was great place to hang out, network and make new friends. He wasn’t kidding! Joe R’s has a special kind of atmosphere.

When I spoke to J.P. Rullo (son of the late owner, Joe Rullo) he pointed out that the customers of Joe R’s are down to earth. There is a mix of professionals and “everyday guy” with everyone getting along just fine.

Joe Rullo purchased Churchill’s Cigars 10 years ago. Located in the heart of downtown Long Beach, it has a recently remodeled upstairs lounge and sitting outside on the sidewalk. When asked why they decided to remodel the lounge, J.P. stated, “There is a lot of redevelopment and building going on in the downtown area. We are just making sure we aren’t standing still.” While they are downtown, the prices are great and the environment comfortable.

By far one of the largest inventories in the Long Beach/South Bay area, J.P. pointed out that they carry around 90 different cigar choices. When the Vega del Rey Cigars was going out of business, Joe Rullo bought out the whole line. This is now one of the few places you can purchase the 9 year old cigar. The price? About $35 bucks a box.

When asking customers about their thoughts on prices, I was told more than once, “they are the best in town”. The lounge facelift including making the lounge bigger, adding nice leather chairs and couches and a brand new plasma TV. On any Friday night you can see a lively game of Dominoes or customers watching sports or movies. Unlike many cigar shops Joe R’s carries a large line of accessories, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff, and pipe tobacco. Some of the humidors he has in stock are over 10 years old. If you haven’t been by in a while, it is well worth the trip. Parking in a paid lot next door, but validation is available.

Joe R’s Churchill Cigars is located at 107 West Broadway,Long Beach, CA (just west of Pine Avenue) and can be reached at (562) 491-7300. Hours are Sun – Thurs 10 am to 10 pm and Fri & Sat 10 am to Midnight



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4 responses to “Joe R’s Churchill Cigars – A Long Beach Tradition

  1. Steve

    A six year old review…really?
    BTW, they are being remodeled as we speak. Seesm like it’s taking a long time.
    My impressions prior to remodel were…dirty, no inventory, very little hospility. Hopefully the remodel is by a new owner and someone with some cigar and busniness savey.

  2. Marcie A Rosenzweig

    Hi Guys,

    My great garnd uncle, Solomon H Furgatch started the Vega del Rey cigar brand in New York. If you have any boxes or wrappers for this now defunct brand, I’d gladly purchase one from you.

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