Cigar Zone – Thousand Oaks, CA

Sometimes you meet someone so knowledgeable about the local cigar scene- so on-the-ball, that you actually sit back and say “This guy knows what he’s doing.”  Ted at Cigar Zone is one of these guys.

Set in a sleepy shopping center, Cigar Zone is the small, intimate shop that we all dream of owning one day.  A steady flow of regulars insures that there will always be someone to chat with, and the wood-paneled walls give the place a warmth that’s lacking in many larger lounges.

Extremely active in the social networking communities, Ted certainly knows cigars- and his humidor shows it.  Stuffed to the gills with everything you could want at extremely fair prices, he’s all too happy to compare notes on any cigar you can think of, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the cigar business in SoCal.

If you want a relaxed, neighborhood experience, Cigar Zone is the place to settle in.

Cigar Zone is located at 3900 E. Thousand oaks Blvd. #202, Thousand Oaks, CA.



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2 responses to “Cigar Zone – Thousand Oaks, CA

  1. bret

    You nailed it! Ted is so knowledgeable & his store is primo. I wish they were all like this.

  2. Jen

    One of my favorite places! Ted’s Cigar Zone is fantastic.

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