OC Cigars – Laguna Nigel, CA – A Smoker’s Shop

Many of the places we drive by that advertise “Cigars” are little more than convenience stores that happen to sell tobacco.  At first glance, that’s what OC Cigars looks
like, but it’s so much more.

Gerard recently re-arranged his small shop in Laguna Niguel, and what a difference chair placement can make.
You walk in to a small seating area, with plenty of great accessories in unobtrusive cases.  The wall is full of
hookah and accessories, but the large humidor beacons.

Occupying a full half (half!) of the available floor, the humidor contains a massive selection of extremely premium and hard-to-find
cigars.  Gerard is all too happy to direct you and make recommendations, and the clientele are friendly and, for
the most part, transitory.  If you choose to sit in one of the comfortable chairs and watch some tv, it’s as if you own
the shop.

A great spot for great cigars, OC Cigars is one of those places you should aim for when you just want to relax.

OC Cigars is located at 27311 La Paz Rd., #H, Laguna Niguel, CA.


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